Bright Angels International School



To offer learning programs and processes that build character and awaken learners to become global citizens. They are responsible and responsive, approaching learning with humility. Bright Angels International Schools’ learners are taught to think critically, solve life problems and serve others. They are encouraged to achieve excellence in whatever they do.


To enrich the quality of education in Rwanda by using a warm, loving, and God-fearing approach, creating capable and responsible leaders of tomorrow.

A Note From Our Principal


We spend long, academically rich, and exciting days on campus in a safe environment under professional guidance and close supervision of our children by a highly professional team of educators. This creates an emotionally safe atmosphere in which every child is nurtured to achieve beyond their potential whilst continually building their character. Our holistic approach leads to a variety of activities in academic, spiritual, and cross-curricular aspects of your child’s growth and development.

We value inclusion, providing one on one academic support when needed, constantly caring for special needs learners. Our staff includes professional and highly motivated teachers and instructors of diverse backgrounds exposing our learners to different languages and cultures. This inculcates a culture of tolerance and respect for one another; a very vital ingredient in today’s global village. We encourage all of our students to become independent and creative thinkers.

The parent-school partnership is something I firmly believe in and fully endorse. I have embraced this ideology throughout my diverse history of leadership in education in various multi-cultural environments. We may not always be in agreement in this partnership, but our common focus is getting the very best out of your child.

I look forward to the challenges and achievements that we will share together with excitement at Bright Angels International School!

Loving greetings

Our Values

We strive for excellence in all we undertake as a school. We believe that every member of the school.

Should be treated with care and compassion.

Should work cooperatively for the good of everyone.

Is free from any harassment and discrimination.

Should honor the greatness in others and the gifts that they bring to our school family.

Should strive to maintain a strong and vital support system composed of sharing and collaborative teamwork.

Should keep learning.