Academics overview

A message from our Director of Studies

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A proper education system teaches and transforms the whole child and is inclusive; every child has a right to enjoy good education. A god education system trains the body, the mind, and the soul of the child. A good education system seeks to awaken joy during learning, create curiosity to learn and discover, generate tolerance for one another and induce compassion for others and the community. Here at right Angels International School, we strongly adhere to the practices of this modern education philosophy enshrined in a welcoming and conducive Christian environment for everyone.

We are a unique Christian learning center that takes pride in the multi-cultural diversity of our school community. We are a very happy school where faith meets learning in an environment of complete tolerance and respect.

In terms of pedagogy, we are a bilingual school offering both the Cambridge and DELF programs in English and French respectively. We are extremely committed and professional international teachers who have proven their worth in transforming learners under their care. Our learners right from church to lower secondary are very fluent and competent speakers of both languages.

Search no more because your child's dream school is Bright Angels. Come join us and quickly become part of our countless success stories in terms of learners' transformation.


DIRECTOR OF STUDIES, Bright Angels International School

Academics overview

At Bright Angels International School, we deliver an inspiring and creative international bilingual curriculum which enriches children's knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm. We ensure that all areas of the curriculum are underpinned by the teaching of the holistic school’s Christian vision, values, and ethos. Through this, our aim is to inspire the shining lights of the future, thus allowing pupils to reach their full potential as local, national, and global citizens.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced and taught in a variety of ways including whole class lessons, collaborative small groups, or individually, both in the classroom and outdoors.  Progression and continuity are carefully planned for, focusing on key knowledge and skills for each year group in each subject. We also ensure that pupils have an excellent understanding of skills that underpin learning for life. Connections are made across different areas of learning with a flexible timetable which allows us to deliver subjects in a fluid way, ensuring that learning time is maximized.  We fulfill the requirements of both the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary and the French Learning Curriculum as well as providing additional Enrichment Programs and Differentiated Learning Opportunities and extra-curricular activities for our learners. 

We endeavor that our learners develop a range of skills and knowledge during their time with us that ensures they are Responsible, reflective, Critical thinkers, innovative, and confident problem solvers.  We believe that our curriculum prepares our young learners for the next stage in their education journey and addresses all elements of their growth and development.  The learning and well-being of each individual is paramount and our curriculum allows this to happen.  Reaching their full potential is fundamental to all that we do and our children leave us as life-long learners. 

The methods of delivering a broad and balanced curriculum are continually being reviewed to ensure all the requirements of the Foundation Stage Curriculum, the National Curriculum, and RE are met.

Declaration du programme

À Bright Angels International School, nous exploitons un programme bilingue International inspirant et créatif qui enrichit les connaissances, les compétences et l'enthousiasme des apprenants. Nous veillons à ce que tous les domaines du programme soient étayés par l'enseignement de la vision, des valeurs et de l'éthique chrétiennes de l'école holistique. À travers cela, notre objectif est d'inspirer les lumières brillantes du futur, permettant ainsi aux élèves d'atteindre leur plein potentiel en tant que citoyens locaux,  nationaux et internationaux. 

Notre programme est large,équilibré et enseigné de diverses manières, y compris des leçons en classe entière, des petits groupes collaboratifs ou individuels, à la fois en classe et/ou à l'extérieur. La progression et la continuité sont soigneusement planifiées, en se concentrant sur les connaissances et les compétences clés pour chaque niveau dans chaque matière. Nous veillons également à ce que les élèves aient une excellente compréhension de compétences qui sous-tendent l'apprentissage pour la vie. Des liens sont établis entre différents domaines d'apprentissage avec un horaire flexible qui nous permet d'enseigner les matières de manière fluide et de s'assurer que le temps d'apprentissage est maximisé.

Nous remplissons aussi bien les exigences du Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary, le programme d'apprentissage du français, ainsi que des programmes d'enrichissement supplémentaires , des opportunités d'apprentissage différenciées et des activités parascolaires pour nos apprenants.

Nous nous efforçons à ce que nos apprenants développent une gamme de compétences et de connaissances au cours de leur temps avec nous, ce qui garantit qu'ils sont indépendants, confiants , innovants, réfléchis, responsables et trouvent des solutions à leurs problèmes. Nous sommes rassurés que notre programme prépare nos jeunes apprenants à la prochaine étape de leur parcours éducatif et aborde tous les éléments de leur croissance et de leur développement.

L'apprentissage et le bien-être de chaque élève sont primordiaux et notre programme d'études permet que cela se produise. Atteindre leur plein potentiel est fondamental pour tout ce que nous faisons et nos enfants nous quittent étant des apprenants tout au long de la vie.