The reading culture at Bright Angels International School

The reading culture

The culture of reading is the integrated pattern of reading behavior, practice, belief, and knowledge, and the understanding of how the teacher and student actively create and maintain this pattern.

Once the reading culture is created and maintained in a school, the students are bound to enjoy several benefits that will even be essential to inspire their interest to have subject content books at their front and this will be a platform for their ability to pass examinations.

Reading helps to develop the vocabulary of a reader. While reading, one encounters new words which may at times be difficult to translate. At least a reading student will endeavor to find out the meaning of the new word using a dictionary or its synonyms.

At school young people tend to find it hard to cope with too much subject matter. Having a reading culture maintained in school will help students be able to deal with the increasing demands of school and classwork.

 A reading culture broadens the imaginations of young people. It helps students learn how to think and meditate about issues in the world around them. The mind and brain are always kept open as a reader tries to comprehend what he has read.

Reading opens lines of communication, particularly if teachers provide opportunities to discuss what the children read.

As students take to the communication platform, they gain confidence when speaking. Eloquent people are always good readers and writers.

Our library is well equipped and child-inviting. All Bright Angels learners go to the library twice per week and have the right to borrow books that they can read at home. A reading book report is required from every student at the end of the week.