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Risk management is the cornerstone of the Health and Safety at Work. It allows the School management Team to perform its primary duty of care, as far as reasonably practicable, to its workers and others. The purpose of this policy is to explain how we manage risks effectively in the school environment and work carried out by the school.


This policy applies to and is to be followed by all of Bright Angels International School workers and others in the workplace. This includes all members of the school’s leadership team, workers, students, contractors, temporary workers, volunteers and visitors.

Bright Angels International School Management team will consult, cooperate and coordinate with other duty holders on matters when there are overlapping health and safety duties.

The School Management Team will keep a risk register and record information from the risk management process. For each identified hazard, the following information will be recorded:

  1. the harm the hazard could cause.

  2. the likelihood the harm would occur.

  3. the level of risk.

  4. the effectiveness of current controls.

  5. what further controls are needed.

  6. how the controls will be implemented – by whom and by when.

  7. review date.

How do we manage health and safety risks effectively?

Health and safety are everyone’s responsibility and together we will keep our workplace safe and secure.

To do this, we will manage health and safety risks effectively. The four steps below describe how we do this.

  1. Identifying hazards: finding out what situations and things could cause death, injury or illness.

  2. Assessing risks: understanding the nature of the risk that could be caused by the hazard, what the consequences could be and the likelihood of it happening

  3. Controlling risks: implementing the most effective control measures that are reasonably practicable in the circumstances

  4. Reviewing control measures: ensuring control measures are working as planned

Roles and Responsibilities

Everyone has a part to play in managing risk effectively.

Bright Angels International School Officers

  • Ensure workers and others know about health and safety risk processes and procedures.

  • Ensure that workers receive the right health and safety risk training and are aware of the risks on induction into the work area.

  • Hold and maintain the risk register for the work group.

  • Inform ‘others in the workplace’ of any known risks and controls in place

  • Assess risks that are reported to you.

  • Consult with workers on the most effective controls to manage the risks

  • regularly review and monitor risks and the controls that are in place

Workers – (employees, temporary workers, contractors, volunteers)

  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety

  • Take reasonable care that their acts are not a risk to the health and safety of others

  • Take reasonable steps to eliminate risks when they are first identified

  • Report any risks to their relevant school leader, including those that have already been eliminated

  • Seek support from the health and safety representative on health and safety risk matters if required

  • Comply with this policy and procedures in the workplace

  • Comply with any reasonable instruction in relation to risks given by the board or the PCBU they are visiting

  • Inform others of known risks

  • May cease or refuse to carry out work if they believe the work would expose them to a serious risk

Health and Safety Committee

  • Facilitates co-operation between the School management Team and school workers in instigating, developing, and carrying out measures designed to ensure the school workers’ health and safety at work

  • Assists in developing any standards, rules, policies, or procedures relating to health and safety that are to be followed or complied with at the school

  • Makes recommendations to the board of trustees about work health and safety.

Health & Safety Representatives

  • Represent workers on health and safety risk matters

  • Promote the interests of workers who have raised health or safety risks

  • Monitor risk controls undertaken by the School Management team.

  • Investigate complaints from workers about health and safety risks.

  • After first consulting with the relevant school leader, issue provisional improvement notices if risks in the workplace are not managed so far as is reasonably practicable.

  • Direct workers to cease work if they believe the work would expose them to a serious risk.

Others – (visitors, students, parents etc)

  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety.

  • Take reasonable care that their acts are not a risk to the health and safety of others.

  • Take reasonable steps to eliminate risks when they are first identified.

  • Comply with any reasonable instruction given by the School management Team in relation to risks


This policy is reviewed every two years or more regularly. The provisions of this agreement may be varied by the School Management Team following consultation with workers.


Signed: NYAMOGA BAHATI JUDITH – SCHOOL PRINCIPAL (applicable during orientation week before the beginning of every academic year).

Signed: Health and Safety Committee

Health and Safety Policy/Procedure